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       Self-Help Coaching Products, Services & Life Skill Tools for Women of All Ages!

Exercises for Personal Growth ◆ Self-Empowerment ◆ Self-Development  ◆ Inspirational & Motivational Workbooks!

Practical Tools for Success! ◆ Practical Tools for Creating a Balanced Life! ◆ Creative Visualization CD's!

Includes successful life coaching techniques used by The Southern California "Coaches Alliance" Life Coaches

 These self-help tools will motivate & inspire you to become who you are and to achieve your best!

 A Woman's Tool Box ©2005

As seen on     Exceptionally well done! Reviewer  June 7, 2005:  "I have never seen anything quite like this. I have considered private coaching and I found this to be a good introduction to coaching. It was fun, as well as helpful in getting me to unpeel the many layers in myself. This is a way to have several life coaches work with a small fraction of the cost. It is a workbook that you can put down and pick up again, as there are many hours of new and interesting techniques you can experience. I found the creative visualization CD's to be very good too...especially the "10 Minutes of Relaxation" & the 'Parts Party'. You will enjoy many hours of personal insight with this workbook!!" Carmen

 "How To" Chapters by a Dozen Successful Coaches!!!

Creative Visualization CD's

  • Create the Life You Deserve!

  • Taking Right Action!

  • Time Management Tools

  • The Vision Quest

  • Being Financially Savvy!

  • Measuring My Results

  • Life/Work Balance & Self-Care

  • Taking Responsibility

  • Connecting with Others of Like Mind & Spirit

  • Setting Yourself Free!  

  • Defining Your Core Values

  • Being Your Authentic Self

  • Absolute Self-Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Honoring the Goddess Within You!

  • Listening to Spirit

  • Dreaming  * Visioning  * Creating

  • Stellar Principles of Parenting

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