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Toolboxes for Women© 2005


Practical Self-Help Life Coaching Tools for Women of all Ages!!!

Programs for Personal Growth  Self-Empowerment  ◆ Self-Development   ◆ Inspirational & Motivational Workbooks!

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The COMPLETE Toolbox for Women©    comes in its own  plastic carrying case

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BASIC Toolbox KIT   $119.00 + S&H    (normally $149.95) 

 Includes Toolbox + Workbook (with 4 Visualization CDs) + Reflexology Sox +  

Reflexology T-Shirt + Therapeutic Bath Salts + Aromatherapy Candle

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 1 Massage T-Shirt 

(1 Size fits all)  

 1 Pair Reflexology Sox  Shirt 

(1 size fits all) 

Scented Therapeutic

Bath Salts

(1 scent 8 oz) 

A high-grade magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) with oil-free moisturizers and Ziolite, which aids in the healing process of wounds, cuts and damaged skin. These bath salts will rejuvenate your spirits, body and your mind!

Available Scents:






The 132 page Workbook    

The Workbook Includes 4 CD's

"Relax & Revitalize in Just 10 Minutes"   by Dr. Marjorie M. Miles     

Blissful renewal for body, mind & spirit, includes an introduction to guided imagery & affirmations with music composed by Phil Bender-Stone.

 Preparation to  Hypnotherapy by Fabienne Marneau will assist you to fully understand the power of professional Hypnotherapy sessions and how Hypnosis can transform your life? The second and third sections are mental exercises of suggestibility test and to improve concentration. The fourth track is an actual Hypnotherapy session that can be used to train your brain to relax, accept positive suggestions and manifest self-healing.


The Parts Party! by Donna Kannard, Ph.D.

The “Parts Party” comes from the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder, developers of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP.  It is sometimes called a committee or Board meeting.  The purpose is to integrate different aspect or facets of the personality, hence, “parts”.  This process can be very light hearted, yet it can be very intense for some people.  It is all in the INTENTION.  If you will be having a “Parts Party” alone, be sure to set your intention for light hearted exploration.  If you have a hypnotherapist guiding you it can be a very powerful therapeutic intervention.

Raising Your Vibration  by Michele Amburgey

You raise your vibration by watching your thoughts and words and keeping them positive, truthful, loving and kind.  Practicing meditation and prayer helps to raise your vibration by quieting the “monkey mind’ and making clearer contact with the highest vibration of all, our Creator.  (Higher Self, or God, whatever term feels right to you.)                                  


  + Aromatherapy Candle Tin (1)

      or (1) Aromatherapy  Spray

An all Natural Flower Based Goddess Formula Aura Spray is a spray with Sandalwood & Ylang Ylang,  formulated to remember the legacy of the empowered feminine. This Aura spray contains a unique combination of specific essential oils and flower essences to evoke and balance emotional and psychological states.


 CREATE your Own PERSONALIZED Toolbox!!!  

by ORDERING  any of these ADDITIONAL  Books, CD's & Health Products 

Skin Care Products  HealthiChocolcate

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  A Woman's Toolbox Workbook                    $24.95 ea + S&H  

   Individual CD's  ea              $19.95+ S&H

   4  Pak CD's                           $49.95+ S&H

   Book:  Heal Yourself, Body, Mind & Spirit   $11.95 + S&H

  Reflexology Sox                   $19.95+ S&H

  Massage T-Shirt                     $24.95+ S&H

  Therapeutic Bath Salts (16 oz).     $14.95 + S&H 

  Therapeutic Bath Salts (32 oz).  $24.99  + S&H

 Goddess Formula Aura Spray      $14.95 + S&H

  Aromatherapy Candle Tin           $6.95+ S&H

 Package 6 Soul Painting Cards (6)    $9.95+ S&H

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